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The Practical Diva

Your small project specialist for all your handy[wo]man needs.


prac·ti·cal di·va /ˈpraktək(ə)l ˈdēvə/noun

An opera-singer who uses her skills as a handy[wo]man to fund her singing career.


The Handy[wo]man

The Diva is in! Need work done in/on your apartment or house? The practical Diva specializes in the jobs that are too small for  your contractor, but too big for you. 

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The instructor

Wish you were handy? The Practical Diva offers classes in basic lighting and electrical, plumbing, drywall repair, and mounting applications. She can also teach you to sing, really. 

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The Diva

Handy by day, Diva by night. The Practical Diva is a trained, professional opera singer and voice teacher actively performing and teaching in New York city. 


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